1 Month Unlimited Introduction to Mixed Movement

Welcome, we are glad you are here!

We wanted to invite you to experience Mixed Movement in our new studio in Zurich. If you made it to this website, then you are probably curious to learn what this is all about. Curiosity is one of the main characteristics we seek out in our daily practice, so you are half way there already :). Determination and kindness are the other aspects we focus on.

Open Day 1

Our classes are designed in a way that allows you to discover and experience various movement styles in a non- judgemental atmosphere. Here at Flow Village, at any given session there are max 10 people attending, so this fosters the connection between our members and creates that safe environment. You don’t need to have prior experience in any of the disciplines we teach. You just need to be open and curious enough.

If you join us for the evening sessions, you will explore Budokon Yoga, which is a powerful and beautiful fusion between traditional yoga and martial arts. You will also get a chance to put punching gloves on and learn how to kick and punch while getting a nice cardio workout as a bonus. During the mobility part of the class you will challenge your brain and body to movements you probably have never tried before – be it moving like gorilla, rolling on the floor or trying some beautiful floor work choreography.

The 6.30 pm classes always combine two disciplines: yoga + striking or yoga + mobility. If you are a morning type of mover, you are very welcome to try our red-eye yoga at 7 am. If you prefer movement over lunch, you can join us for the lunch class at 12 pm.

The team

Mixed Movement is a relatively new discipline and we are probably the first studio in Zurich that offers it. We believe that humans are designed to move and you don’t need any special powers to do it. We have movement intelligence inbuilt in every single one of us and we really mean it: you are flexible enough and strong enough to give it a try.

We put together this special offer of 95 CHF for unlimited classes for one month, so that you can fully experience and explore the possibilities that your body offers. We will be delighted to guide you in your movement exploration.

Get in touch with us, if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Abi & Justyna from Flow Village.