Classes in Studio

Dear Mover,

What we love about Mixed Movement is the focus on exploration, learning and discovery. It’s not about perfection, but the joy of moving. Your mind stays in the now and the body benefits from a mixed approach to training. Yoga, Movement, Martial Art combined, make you a better mover and develop your body in a healthy way.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Your Flow Village Team

Classes We Offer

Yoga Flows are thoughtfully planned to focus on strengthening/mobilising a specific part of the body/mind or safely warming up the body to lead to a peak posture.

Budokon Yoga leverages beautiful, circular, repetitive and flowy movements that combine yoga and martial art poses.

YOMO: YOga MOves combines yoga and dance into a sane and refreshing movement-flow from which you can gain mobility, strength, coordination and balance.


Movement classes are creative flows, different in every class, that mobilise your joints, improve coordination, build body & space awareness and make you a good mover.



Power Hour classes encompass a full body workout leveraging kick-boxing, boot-camp style warm ups and high intensity workouts. In addition to boosting your self-defense skills, you will get a great cardio workout from this class.


We also offer Private Classes, if you wish to have more individual guidance or have specific need that require special attention. You can chose from yoga, movement or martial art classes. We are happy to come to your home or welcome you in our studio. To arrange for a private class, get in touch with us.

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