Isolations with Alicia

Alicia Lafranchi
Alicia Lafranchi

Alicia was born in Bern, Switzerland. Since her childhood she always loved to dance. She studied Hip – Hop, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and Ballet as a teenager. She then became fascinated with Latin Music in 2008 and a year later she went to Ecuador for six months where she focused on various Latin Dance Styles and had her first experience performing abroad. After returning to Switzerland, she continued training various Afro-Latin dance styles, while earning her degree in Tourism and working in Events. In early 2013 she decided to follow her heart, moved to New York to deepen her practice in Afro – Latin – Funk with Frankie Martinez. In the Big Apple, Alicia was involved in various projects and also taught children in an after school program in Bronx. Six years later the Art Enthusiast decided it was time for a new chapter in Zurich, where she continues to dance and to create artistic encounters.

Alicia Lafranchi
Alicia Lafranchi

This 90 mins class is designed to focus on isolating different elements of the body, from head to toe. We work on flexibility and motion of each part of the body, while rhythmically connecting to the music. Furthermore this moving meditation includes different breathing exercises, with focus on body awareness, posture and the body – mind connection. Lastly, we will briefly look into New York Style Salsa where we will break down the fundamentals of Salsa On2, learn to execute the basic steps and how to connect it to the music. We learn a little sequence, called Shine, which we will break down to understand what happens to our bodies, in order for us to connect to Latin Rhythms.

As always, the class is suitable for everyone and no previous movement experience is required.

If you have a subscription with us, all you need to do is show up. If you want to buy a single class, you could either click on the button below and purchase a 90 mins class or you could come by the studio and pay here.


29 Jul 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Flow Village
Kinkelstrasse 10, 8006 Zurich
Flow Village


Flow Village
+41 (0)76 283 51 49

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