The Movement classes are creative flows that are different in every class. We start with a gradual warm up session, either based on yoga or mobility. Then we move on to creating free-form movement leveraging inspirations from all types of movements like animal locomotion, modern contemporary dance, light acrobatics, capoeira, etc. We wrap it up with some slow stretches and eventually a relaxing Shavasana. The movement classes mobilises your joints and muscles, improves coordination, builds body awareness and in general makes you a good mover.

Who is this for? Our Movement classes are focused on people who wants to start movement exploration and are open to all levels.

What’s the duration of the class? 60 mins.

How much does it cost?

For valid Flow Village subscription holders:

  • If you hold a 10 class subscription, it is a better option for you to purchase individual live streaming classes and use your 10 class subscription once our regular classes resume.
  • For all other subscription holders, if you plan to come to at least 2 classes a week, you may want to use your subscription to attend the live streaming classes.
  • Regardless of the above, you have complete discretion to choose if you want to freeze or use your subscription. If you choose to use your subscription, please let us know by sending a quick email to us at


30 Mar 2020


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm




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