7 Days Budokon & Free Diving Retreat in Thailand

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10th March – 17th March 2019

Tropics. 27 degrees Celcius. Warm sea. Lush greenery. Plethora of fruits. Flip flops. Yoga. Martial Arts. Adventures. New experiences. Discovering self like never before.

Do you want us to tell you more about this retreat?

Yoga House Koh Phangan

We head to a small island called Ko Phangan in Thailand on 10th March 2019 with a group of enthusiasts. We spend a week there living in The Yoga House. We do yoga, animal locomotion, we experiment and learn various movements from each other. We enjoy delicious food, we swim, hike, have fun, learn to free dive, experience local culture.

Dancing Dog

The focus on various movements is what Budokon offers. It’s a mixed movement art that combines the three oldest disciplines: yoga, martial art and calisthenics into a full body and mind training. On a philosophical level, Budokon believes that all of us have a peace-loving yogi and a determined warrior inside of us. Budokon aims to bring the balance between the two to live a healthy lifestyle.

Double Block

During the retreat, you will practice Budokon Yoga Primary Series as well as mobility. Budokon Yoga focuses on constant flow and circular movement. During mobility, we simply move – sometimes mimicking animals and sometimes we roll like contemporary dancers on the floor. We will work out 2-3 hours every day. You will feel recharged and rejuvenated after every session.

In case you are wondering why free diving is included…


As a Budokon teacher, Abi loves to inspire his students and makes sure they take something positive out of every session they attend. Often through these sessions, they also learn something about themselves that they were not aware of before. Free diving is one such thing. You will learn about different stages of breath hold, which will give you confidence under the water. You will rediscover the mammalian side of our nature (the one that we share with dolphins and whales) and somehow we lost over time. The experience is meditative and beautiful. You will be surprised how quickly your body recalls the lost skills, adapts and progresses. 

You could read more about Abi’s personal Freediving story here.

Our Promise

At the end of the retreat, we hope that you will discover a new passion for yourself – be it Budokon, Free diving or simply experimenting with movements in general. Our promise: You will do things that you thought you were incapable of doing.

Your team

Abi, Justyna and Augusto from Flow Village will spend the entire time with you.


Abi the instructor, martial artist, yogi. He is a 500 Hour Certified Budokon Teacher and had been teaching in Zurich for quite some time. Abi is a passionate mover, free diver and loves taking inspiration from and combining different disciplines to come up with new flows.




Justyna the movie maker, Budokon practitioner, free diver will be with us all the time to capture the great moments so you could take a piece of it back home.





Augusto the manager, Italian, coffee drinker, peace keeper will make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible.


You will be staying in the beautiful and serene Yoga House. It is split between two floors as follows:

Ground Floor:

  • Yoga House Koh PhanganRoom 1 – 2 single beds (CHF 1,100 per person / CHF 990 if booked before 30th June 2018)
  • Room 2 – 2 single beds (CHF 1,100 per person / CHF 990 if booked before 30th June 2018)
  • Room 3 – 2 single beds (CHF 1,100 per person / CHF 990 if booked before 30th June 2018)

There are 2 bathrooms that could be shared by the people in these three rooms. All rooms are tastefully decorated in the Thai style, facing a stream and are equipped with air conditioners and fans.

Upper Floor:

  • Room 4 – 2 single beds with en-suite bathroom (CHF 1,300 per person / CHF 1,180 if booked before 30th June 2018)
  • Room 5 – There are two levels in this room:Yoga House Koh Phangan
    • Bottom level – 2 single beds with en-suite bathroom (CHF 1,300 per person / CHF 1,180 if booked before 30th June 2018)
    • Top level – 2 queen sized mattresses with en-suite bathroom and a balcony (CHF 1,300 per person / CHF 1,180 if booked before 30th June 2018)

All rooms are tastefully decorated in the Thai style and are equipped with air conditioners and fans.

What’s included in the price:

– Accommodation

– Light breakfast and dinner every day (organic and healthy)Group Photo

– At least 2-3 hours of training every day split between morning and evening (except on the day of free diving, when we will take it a bit lighter). The instructions will be in English

– One Discover Free Diving session with Apnea Koh Phangan

– Mind science sessions on the non-free diving days

– Two organised sight seeing trips

– Plenty of time to rewind, relax & disconnect

– Loads of fun

What’s excluded from the price:

– Flight tickets and means of transportation to Koh Phangan

– Lunch

– There will be a possibility to go for a second day of free diving, however that cost is not covered in this retreat

– Scooter / bike rentals

Q & A

Do you need previous experience?
You do not need any special skill or pre-requisite to attend the retreat. If you haven’t done yoga, martial art or free diving before – you will learn so many new things. 🙂 All you need are an eagerness to move, the curiosity of a child, trust for yourself and others, and the willingness to experience how it feels to live in the moment.

How to get to Koh Phangan?

You will need to fly to Bangkok, from where you will have a number of ways to reach the island:

– The quickest way is to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui, which is another island close to Koh Phangan. From there, you will find there are at least 3 ferries every day to Koh Phangan.

– An alternative option is to take the overnight bus or train to Surathani and then take the morning ferry to Koh Phangan.

Most travel agencies in Bangkok will be able to sell you the entire trip as a package where all transportation is taken care of. Please refer to this page for details.

How will my day look like during the retreat?

Start time End time What
08:00 09:00 Active workout
09:00 10:00 Breakfast
10:30 11:30 Mind Science
11:30 18:00 Free time or organised activity
18:00 20:00 Budokon Yoga
20:00 21:00 Dinner

On the free diving day, it will look different though.

What’s the cancellation policy?

– Cancellation is possible up to 60 days before the start of the retreat, in which case a full refund will be provided.

– If cancellation is made within less than 60 days before the start of the retreat, we will retain the paid amount of the retreat. However, if another person can be found by you or by us to take your place, then we may offer you a refund at our discretion.

– The ticket to the retreat is transferrable as long as it is communicated to Flow Village way in advance.

Terms & Conditions:

If you decide to purchase this retreat, you hereby agree to the following:

Flow Village Retreat Terms & Conditions

Flow Village Student Waiver Agreement

Additional information

Single bed in a Twin Room

Shared bathroom, En-suite bathroom