8 Classes per Month

CHF 200.00

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Who is this for? If you wish to give yourself a bit of motivation to attend classes twice a week, your long-term schedule is a bit of an enigma and you can’t commit to long-term subscriptions, then this offer is best for you.

What is included? This option allows you to attend any of 8 classes in a month. You can come twice a week or even come to 8 classes during one week. It’s up to you. The morning sessions are designed to get you moving so you are ready and energized for the day. The classes are focused on flowy yoga movements like Vinyasa, Budokon, etc. A variety of classes are offered during the lunch time, depending on the day of the week. The evening classes start with a yoga session to gradually warm up the body, followed by either a mobility or a striking session. We wrap it up with some slow stretches and eventually shavasana. The yoga classes are focused on flowy yoga movements like Vinyasa, Budokon, etc. Mobility focuses on free-form movement and we borrow inspiration from animal locomotion, modern dance, capoeira, etc. Striking is more self-defense focused where you will learn how to kick and punch properly.

Please check our schedule for details.

What is the validity? This is a monthly rolling subscription. During one month from the purchase it allows you to attend 8 of the 90 and/or 60 min group sessions of your choice. At the end of the month we will automatically prolong your subscription to next month and you will receive an invoice for next month from us, unless you let us know 5 days before the end of your subscription that you want to up- or downgrade, freeze or cancel it. Yes, at the end of the month, you can chose if you want to select other subscription or if you want to freeze it for a month if you are travelling :).  It’s that flexible.

What is I want to attend more than 8 classes/month? No worries, you can always purchase an extra class with a discount for 25 CHF. At the end of the month we can decide based on the number of classes you attended, if it’s better for you to upgrade to other subscription moving forward.

How much does it cost? CHF 200/month. You could buy it online with credit card or PayPal or you could pay in the studio by cash or credit card.

Savings potential: The cost per class is 25 CHF, which is cheaper than the 35 CHF 90min drop-in.