Budokon Flash Retreat

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  • CHF: CHF 100.00

CHF 100 per person (minimum 4 people), including food and drinks and transport from / to Zurich. To book your own Flash Retreat, add it to the cart and checkout. Then get in touch with Abi at abi@flowvillage.ch or at +41 (0) 762835149 to agree on a date.

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Are you dreaming about a retreat with your friends, but don’t have the time to spare?

Run Retreat

Would you like a weekend workshop, but with a more personal and intimate experience?

And would you like a fresh, nutritious brunch included? Of course you would!

If this sounds like the perfect weekend treat, then our Budokon Flash Retreat is for you.

For you and three friends, we’ll host the ultimate Saturday retreat. You’ll be picked up from Zurich, and taken to Rottenschwil, just 30 minutes from Zurich in the beautiful Swiss countryside.

Yoga Retreat

The retreat begins with a run along the Ruess river, with a quick stop off to collect some fresh local eggs for brunch. After a short break and an energising snack, we’ll begin with a Budokon yoga session.

If you haven’t done Budokon Yoga before, it’s a wonderful style of yoga focusing on constant flow that builds up strength and flexibility.

Retreat Striking

Once everyone is warmed up, we’ll move onto another Budokon favourite – striking! You’ll get the opportunity to practice your best kicks and punches on your friends, but in a safe and controlled environment. The striking session is a great way to embrace your inner warrior.

Mobility Retreat

To end the session, you will practice different movements – from rolling on the floor like a child, to moving like a monkey – go wherever your imagination and body takes you!

After all of the hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious and nutritious brunch for you and your friends. The menu will be seasonal, but will be packed with healthy favourites to help restore your body after your work out.

Retreat Brunch

The flash retreat will take around half a day, and as this is an intimate session, we’ll let you decide what time the session starts and finishes. You will be taken back to Zurich feeling balanced, energised and well fed!

To book your own Flash Retreat, and take advantage of this great opportunity and discount, get in touch with Abi using the details below.

Each session is CHF 400 for 4 people, including transport, food and drinks.

We look forward to seeing you at the Budokon Flash Retreat!

Contact: info@flowvillage.ch or  +41 762 835 149.