Budokon Yoga Basics – 30th March – 12:00

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Budokon Yoga leverages beautiful, circular, repetitive and flowy movements that combine yoga and martial art poses. Here, we focus on the absolute basics of Budokon Yoga, the philosophy behind and signature movements. The 60 mins lunch sessions are best suited to mobilise your joints, build strength and flexibility.

Who is this for? This class is designed for those who wants to focus on details and techniques of Budokon postures. It’s perfect for people with no prior experience in Budokon yoga or students who wants a refresher for signature postures and transitions. If you don’t have any yoga experience at all, we recommend to first attend 4-5 Vinyasa Yoga classes as a predecessor to learn the basic yoga postures and alignments. This is not a mandatory, but it will make it easier for you.

What’s the duration of the class? 60 mins.