Contemporary Martial Arts Improvisation & Floorwork with Hoyoung

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Saturday 6.07.2019, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sunday 7.07.2019, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Studio TH3, Tanzhaus, Media Campus, Trakt 7
Freihofstrasse 7
8048 Zurich

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Hoyoung Im is a Korean performer, musician and visualizer. The core of Hoyoung’s movement comes from Eastern philosophy and inspired by his own thoughts. He trained in Tae Kwon Do, with certification(a.k.a. Black Belt) and often applies the martial art poses into his improvised movements. Additionally, he also takes inspiration from Korean traditional dance and Ashtanga yoga, the method from 4 Elements, Yin and Yang and Eastern philosophy to create his choreography. He introduced the dynamics of balancing, stabilisation, falling, rolling and melting down in order to maintain flow without unnecessary tensions. The patterns gradually increase in complexity and then are linked into longer sequences. The postures are discovered by casual movement flow of body with circular motions and spirals on the floor.

During the workshop, the warm-up session would build the awareness of relationship between the space and our core, followed by a series of movement patterns used as a tool to explore the space. The Improvisation session will guide you to freely explore the space with stable, but quick and fluent movement. The last part of the class will be a high energy movement phase based on Hoyoung’s choreographic work, which have influence from his past experiences – Actor,Martial artist, Musician and Visualizer.


Hoyoung graduated from Seoul, South Korea, Cinema & Theatre, BA of Art. He is a member of the theatre company Elephant Manbo and an Art Director of the project group UmZikßi. As an actor Hoyoung has worked with Dong-Hyun Kim from Elephant Manbo, National Theater Company of Korea and Evgeny Kozlov from DO Theater.
He started his career in Europe in 2017 when he moved to Berlin, Germany. Drawing inspirations from own philosophy, a state of a Human being been thrown into this world, Hoyoung’s movements exhibit profound thoughts. Currently he aims to collaborate with other various genre, rather than the traditional form of performance. Hoyoung is striving to create the mix of analogue and digital with the sharp theatrical questions.

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