Guided Awareness Gift by Becca Loevy

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Saturday 27.07.2019, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Flow Village
Kinkelstrasse 10,
8006 Zurich


Past event - No longer bookable


Becca proposes a workshop aimed to transmute the aggression we harbor in our minds and bodies.

To warm-up, the workshop will begin with simple breath exercises specifically focused on the heart and throat chakras, opening up the channels for voice and vulnerability, based on her experience and understanding of sacred geometry, pranayama, and laughing yoga.

Becca will lead the group through a guided, free movement improvisation, waking up the body from head to toe internally and externally. She will be using her own developed approach to improvisation based on her background as a dancer.

We will use deep listening and breath to move through this organic improvisation, unleashing the yogic breath of fire, and warming the body with breath and awareness.

The primary focus of this class is to center our energy as a group and provide space to each other and to every part of our bodies. By doing this, we can prepare more space for the mind. This is important as it places me, the teacher, as equal to the participants. We all can become space holders.

The class will be held in a more circular format, energy moving inwards. We will be combining stillness and movement throughout, as one is always integral to the other.

Becca proposes three main points of acceptance, non-judgement, and forgiveness and the relevance to each of those in terms of our habits. By opening space for free movement, we can open our own minds and bodies to higher awareness, intention, and intuition.

The final part of the workshop will be to offer some movement exercises to help bring the body and mind back into the present moment following anything that may have come up in improvisation/breath & movement exercises.

We will use imagery and the elements to help ground our ideas and finish with sending love and kindness through a short, guided meditation.

All entry levels are possible. Let’s meet each other in the bodies we have right, right now!


My name is Becca Loevy and I am a free mover. I have been training and working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in New York and Berlin, and my highest excitement has led me to take a break from these outlets to further research my awareness in movement. I am no longer interested in losing myself to aesthetic! Because of that, I have begun a journey on understanding violence, how I am violent with my own approach to my body, and how I can help myself and others release the controlling grip on our bodies and what they “should” do and look like.

I have found immense freedom in developing an improvisation practice that includes stillness and meditation, as well as coming back to the breath as the basis of re-tapping into the prana that connects us! After being a dance teacher for children and later for adults, I am excited and inspired to transform how I share movement with others. My most recent endeavor has been a two month long pilgrimage through the south of India, refocusing myself on unconditional love, and allowing abundance to flow through me.

My aim is to provide every type of person with the tools, but most importantly the space and time, to guide ourselves back to source, true freedom, and the childlike joy inside of all of us.