Vinyasa Yoga – 30th March – 07:00

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The 60 mins morning sessions will prepare you for the rest of the day. Everyone’s not a morning person, but you will never regret dragging yourself out of the bed for one of these classes. The Vinyasa Yoga classes are thoughtfully planned to focus on strengthening / mobilising a specific part of the body/mind or safely warming up the body to lead to a peak posture.

Who is this for? Everybody with all skill levels are welcome. For those who have no experience in yoga at all, this is a good place to start. We recommend to attend 4-5 of these classes as a good predecessor before trying Budokon Yoga. They give you a solid base for alignment and safety. This is not necessary, but will help you massively in grasping Budokon Yoga.

What’s the duration of the class? 60 mins.