Rent The Room

The space comprises of two rooms one of which is used for training and the other is used as a hangout place and changing areas. Each of the rooms are 50 sqm big & could be used for almost anything that does not require you to wear shoes – yoga, dance, massage, bodywork, photo shoot, ceremonies, etc.

The front room is a welcoming, well-lit room with large windows. It has a mirror that runs across an entire wall and is equipped with a professional dance floor. The room also has yoga blankets, blocks, meditation cushions, yoga mats & yoga straps.

The back room has three heavy bags for Martial Art practices and other equipment like boxing gloves, shin guards, mitts, kick pads & black roll. Part of this room has been converted to a hangout place (tea, snacks, sitting area, etc.) and another part has been converted to male and female changing areas.

Both the rooms are equipped with high-end Sonos wifi speakers through which music from Spotify / iTunes could be streamed. We will provide you with the wifi access when we confirm the rental request.

A toilet in the corridor belongs to the studio (no shower).

The minimum bookable slot is 30 mins and every 30 mins cost 25 CHF.

Please check the availability of the space and use the form below to submit your request. We will assess your request and get back to you shortly. Booking requests are strictly processed based on availability and purpose of the booking.