Our classes and teaching styles

Abi’s vinyasa yoga classes are for people who like a bit of a challenge. He usually picks one interesting pose and throughout the class, he warms your body so that you can access the peak pose easier. Like the grasshopper in the example here.

Justyna’s vinyasa yoga classes are focused on mobilising your joints, muscles and flowing through the sequence. She often runs classes to open your chest, shoulders, hips or picks a special theme. Like the balance and grounding class example.

Self Practice

Movement classes with Abi are so creative and fun. They are meant for people who want to start their movement exploration. You explore, learn new moves, have fun, while gaining a space and body awareness. Abi leads you step by step through a new flow every class.

Finally, Budokon Yoga leverages beautiful, circular, repetitive and flowy movements that combine yoga and martial art poses. They are best suited to mobilise your joints, build strength and flexibility.

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