I thought of  creating Flow Village as a place where we could reconnect with our primal instincts to move. As humans, we are designed to move – to hang, to swing, to run, to walk and to dance. Movement is a great way to express ourselves.

At Flow Village, we focus on disciplines that combine different forms of movement in an unusual way. We start with Budokon – a mixed movement art – that combines martial art, yoga and calisthenics in a full body and mind training. You could read more about Budokon here. We intend to introduce other forms of movement arts in the future.


About Me

I’m Abi (Abhishek Chakraborty), born in a town called Chandannagore, India and have been in existence for a while. As a kid, I wanted to be a train driver, then a commercial airplane pilot, followed by the intention to join the Navy. Due to some miscalculation with time and lack of proper funding, none of these happened. So, I had to rethink and decided for a more academic option – Engineering. This actually happened! All this time though, I always felt that something isn’t quite right. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I did. But there was this feeling that I should do something else.

It was sometime around early 2015  Continue reading “About Me”


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