We created Flow Village as a place to reconnect with our primal instincts to move. As humans, we are designed to move – to hang, to swing, to run, to walk, to dance, to play. Movement is at the core of our creativity.

Flow Village is a place where you can start your movement exploration. Our classes are not only beginner friendly; they are fully focused on those who are eager to try something new and learn. We break down the movements to the level anyone could easily grasp and we foster a non-judgmental atmosphere. Our students are everyday people who are passionate about movement.

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We build the classes to give you a whole body and mind workout – focusing on flexibility, strength and throwing in just enough intellectual challenges to get your creative juice flowing. Physically, you would learn:

– “Flowy” and dynamic yoga like Vinyasa and Budokon, that take inspirations from other movement disciplines like martial art.

– Basic martial art skills that are focused on giving you a full body cardio workout.

– Mixed Movement that combine elements of animal locomotion, light acrobatics, floorwork, etc.

If this made you curious, drop in to one of our free trial classes and check it out. We know that sometimes just one class is not enough to decide. After a trial class you might end up with “Oh, that was good, but not sure if I know enough to commit to it.” That’s why we have a heavily subsidized subscription for 95 CHF that gives you unlimited access to all of our classes for a month. This will give you a good exposure to the entire length and breadth of what we offer at Flow Village. After this one month, you would surely know if this is your thing.

About Us



Majority of Flow Village classes are taught by Abi – our founder. He practiced Martial Art for 12 years back in India and later he discovered Budokon by an accident. He immediately fell in love with the aesthetics, fluidity, freedom and strength of Budokon. He is a 500h certified Budokon teacher and 200h certified Yoga teacher. Abi takes inspiration from various movements like capoeira, modern dance, break dance, acrobatics, animal locomotion, yoga, etc. to build his flows. Currently he is on his journey to discover various movement styles. Recently Abi has completed Reiki Level 2 certification.


Justyna teaches Wednesday morning Vinyasa Flow classes, but you can see her around pretty much in most of the evenings. She discovered yoga in Prague 12 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. In her classes she focuses on proper alignments with a dose of creative movement meditations to encourage the mind-body connection. She is a certified 200h Yoga teacher and she has completed Reiki Level 2 certification. So, there is always a bit of good energy around her.



Giorgia is a graduate of ZHdK Bachelor Contemporary Dance and movement has always been an integral part of her life. She will share with us her passion for movement research and teaching methods. Her classes will help you develop self-confidence in movement and provide you with simple to use techniques to move more effortlessly. Giorgia will teach Movement Classes every other Wednesday.


Janine is an avid kick boxer and Muay Thai fighter, who many of you are already familiar with. Her classes are fun, intense and heavily cardio focused. If you love a fulfilling and sweaty workout that leverages every inch of your body, you don’t want to miss her classes. Janine teaches Striking Classes every other Tuesdays.


Give us a call at +41 762 835 149, text us, whatsapp or reach us at abi@flowvillage.ch. We would also be happy to connect via Skype, as we know sometimes it’s nicer to get to see each other. And there is always the contact form below.  Simply use whichever suits you most.

We do look forward to hearing from you!

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