I thought of  creating Flow Village as a place where we could reconnect with our primal instincts to move. As humans, we are designed to move – to hang, to swing, to run, to walk and to dance. Movement is a great way to express ourselves.

At Flow Village, we focus on disciplines that combine different forms of movement in an unusual way. With us, you could get a complete body and mind training. We offer:

  • Budokon Yoga – that combine martial art, yoga and calisthenics in a flowy and circular manner.
  • Vinyasa Yoga – where we put a lot of focus on alignment and strength.
  • Floor Work – that encompasses borrowing bits and pieces of various free-form movements like modern dance, capoeira, light acrobatics, etc.
  • Animal Locomotion – focusing on cardio and strength


About Me

I’m Abi (Abhishek Chakraborty), born in a town called Chandannagore, India and have been in existence for a while. As a kid, I wanted to be a train driver, then a commercial airplane pilot, followed by the intention to join the Navy. Due to some miscalculation with time and lack of proper funding, none of these happened. So, I had to rethink and decided for a more academic option – Engineering. This actually happened! All this time though, I always felt that something isn’t quite right. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I did. But there was this feeling that I should do something else.

It was sometime around early 2015  Continue reading “About Me”


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