Creative Movement

Creative Movement does magic to mobilise your joints and muscles, improves coordination, builds body and space awareness. They make you a good mover in general and give you an immense satisfaction by seeing what your body can achieve when you put your mind to it.

The Movement classes are creative flows that are different in every class. We start with a gradual warm up session, practice specific moves inspired by all types of movements like animal locomotion, modern contemporary dance, floor work, capoeira, etc. Later we combine these into a flow. Lastly, we wrap it up with some slow stretches.

Who is this for?

Classes are beginner friendly as we truly break down every move to small steps. We progress slowly while building the flow at a pace that everybody can follow it and enjoy the experience.


Giorgia, Abi

What do you gain?

FlexibilityCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
MobilityCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
CoordinationCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
StrengthCircle Filled
CardioCircle FilledCircle Filled

In our students’ words:

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