Power Hour

Power Hour at Flow Village is all about cardio, sweat and laughter with a solid dose of boosting your self-defence skills. We take our learning seriously though. We teach you how to punch and kick properly, so you don’t harm your body while doing it, but we don’t fight in the class. There is no combat, no violence.

These classes encompass a full body workout leveraging kick-boxing, boot-camp style warm ups and high intensity workouts.

Who is this for?

It is perfect for those who want to sweat, get the heartbeat up, get a solid technique for kicks/punches and enjoy getting a full overall workout. The classes are very much beginner focused and not for professionals, who want to fight and go to competitions.


Janine, Abi

What do you gain?

FlexibilityCircle Filled
MobilityCircle FilledCircle Filled
CoordinationCircle FilledCircle Filled
StrengthCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
CardioCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled

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