Our Offer

All our offer is focus on beginners, those who start their movement exploration journey. Mixed Movement is such a new discipline in Zurich and it’s all about discovering.

Movement Classes

Join our Red Eye 7am Flowy Yoga class and take a break during lunch for a bit more of it.

Reserve your time at 6.30pm for the mixed movement exploration. Each class combine minimum two disciplines. Budokon Yoga + Striking gives you a great cardio work with a sprinkle of relaxation. Budokon Yoga + Mobility taps into your creativity. It’s fun, never boring and the community here is really amazing. You will love it!

Once a month, we bring amazing movers to Zurich to give you a chance to learn from them. Here is where you can expand your movement vocabulary and get inspiration from various cultures and artists. All workshops are beginner friendly. We make it a point to only bring movement artists, who agree to this rule.

Movement Workshops

Guest Teachers

You probably noticed by now that we enjoy learning new stuff. This is why once a month, we bring guest teachers to our studio. They come from various backgrounds and always bring something exciting with them. And there is no extra cost for students who have our subscription. How amazing is that?

Our Students say that there is this amazing energy at Flow Village. Perhaps it’s credited to the fact that both Justyna and Abi hold Reiki Level 2 certification. A little bit of life-force healing energy is always available here. We try to give it to our students at the end of every class at least for a minute. We also offer full 60 min treatments for a good price.

Reiki Treatment