Budokon Yoga

Open Day

Budokon Yoga mobilises your joints, builds strength and flexibility. It takes the best of Yoga and Martial Art worlds and combines them in a flowy movement routines, which once memorised are easy to practice at home.

Budokon Yoga leverages beautiful, circular, repetitive and flowy movements that combine yoga and martial art poses. In this class we explore 7 of the Budokon Yoga sequences and further improvisations.

Who is this for?

This class assumes that the students have attended a few regular yoga classes before and know basic poses like: downward facing dog, upward facing dog, warrior II and warrior III.



What do you gain?

FlexibilityCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
MobilityCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
CoordinationCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
StrengthCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
CardioCircle Filled

In our students’ words:

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