YOMO: YOga MOves

In YOMO classes,  we focus on mobility, strength, coordination and relaxation through which our muscles can regain their balance and our bones can find their natural alignment.

We learn how to move from one yoga posture to another safely and effortlessly. Drawing upon the experience from both yoga and dance practices; we explore how to move in alignment with our bones, joints and muscle structure, building flowy sequences by connecting various yoga moves. We focus on transition and through repetition of them, we build muscle memories a safe and effortless way of moving between yoga poses.

Who is this for?

Everybody with all skill levels are welcome.



What do you gain?

FlexibilityCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
MobilityCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
CoordinationCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled
StrengthCircle FilledCircle Filled
CardioCircle FilledCircle FilledCircle Filled

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