About Me

I’m Abi (Abhishek Chakraborty), born in a town called Chandannagore, India and have been in existence for a while. As a kid, I wanted to be a train driver, then a commercial airplane pilot, followed by the intention to join the Navy. Due to some miscalculation with time and lack of proper funding, none of these happened. So, I had to rethink and decided for a more academic option – Engineering. This actually happened! All this time though, I always felt that something isn’t quite right. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I did. But there was this feeling that I should do something else.

It was sometime around early 2015 when yet another crazy thought came to my mind – I wanted to get back to a martial art that I used to do as a kid, called Budokan. So I did what most people would have done – I googled “Budokan Zurich”. Nothing came up; instead Google suggested “Budokon”. I got curious. I figured it’s a movement art invented by Kancho Cameron Shayne. It combines yoga, martial arts, animal movements and calisthenics. It’s impressively graceful and combines the spirit of a warrior with the humbleness of a yogi. But there was nobody to teach it in Zurich.

Now, I always thought that yoga is slow and mostly involves sitting on your butts and thinking about something ethereal. Seeing Budokon, changed my perception of yoga and I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it became a part of me. I came across some very good teachers and learnt a lot about myself – short hamstrings, tight lower back, open hips, etc. I also grew taller as my bones and joints stretched.

It was around this time when THE thought came to my mind – I wanted to quit my desk job and be a Budokon teacher. I registered for the 500 hour teacher’s training course in Budokon University, Miami and went for it. It was an intense, life-changing experience. You could read more about it here.

Later, I got my 200 hours Yoga Teacher’s Training and added Vinayasa to the list o fclasses that I teach.

At some point of time in 2018, I decided to learn Reiki. I had my fair share of skepticism on this topic though. Not that I doubted the existence of the universal energy that ties all of us together, but rather I wondered why or how only some are able to be a channeler. Even more so, what is it like being a channeler. Eventually I went for the Level 1 course and completed it. I was eager to use it as much as possible to build my confidence on the process. So I posted on a heavy traffic Facebook group that I will be providing free Reiki to anybody who is interested. I got around 50 people signing up. That have me plenty of opportunity to come to my conclusion that there is indeed something. I still don’t know how or why it works, but it does. Many of my clients had profound experiences, but there were some who did not feel anything at all. That being said, I decided to go for the Level 2 training and in May 2019, I completed that training. Since end of May, I started offering Reiki healing treatments in my studio.