Tai Chi Dance with Sylvie Chen

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Saturday 23.03.2019, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sunday 24.03.2019, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Flow Village Studio
Kinkelstrasse 10
8006 Zurich

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To experience our visible physical & invisible physical by moving both as a whole. Exploration of unconsciousness in performance. How can voice & sounds transform into body movement? How can we celebrate emptiness and use it as a tool in contemporary dance.

  • Introduction of passive waves inspired from ancient QiKung
  • Spinal warm up with organic voice techniques
  • Creative dialogue between hairs, toes, tongues
  • Butoh steps, Taichi steps, fusion steps
  • Perception of momentum in poetic rolling & falling
  • Playful fighting games in Duo

Welcome to bring your partner (if you have one… if you don’t, you will get a surprise Partner as gift).

Dress code suggestion: Entire white or Entire black, but don’t rush to a shop if you have only vibrant coloured outfits.

“Karada ha Karada. The body is empty. The Tao is open.”


Sylvie Xing Chen is a Sino-Swiss Berlin-based performer and choreographer in dance theatre, specialized in Japanese Butoh, Chinese opera & Tai chi-Dance. Her solo & group choreography have been shown in various festivals in Switzerland, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo, Macau, Guangzhou & Shanghai China. Her last engagement as dancer was collaborating on ZHDK project with choreographer Emanuel Gat. Since 2014 she has been teaching Butoh dance & guided improvisation Workshop for professional dancers & comedians in Fengmian Art Center in China, Rui Cunha Foundation in Macau, Tanzfabrik Berlin & in Zurich Tanzhaus Wildcard. Since 2010, every December she has been touring with her company ButoInSwitzerland, promoted by Swiss Embassy, to demonstrate their dance theatre piece with art installation and film production in China & Japan.

She spent her childhood in the Shaolin temple & later studied in the Zen temple in Japan where she learnt the practice of emptiness. This enriched her research in different artistic expressions such as dancing, painting, calligraphy. Always traveling between Asia & Europe, she draws her inspirations from daily life, cultural fusions & conflicts and then translates them to creative work.

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Tai Chi Dance with Sylvie Chen

Saturday only, Sunday only, Both days