Daily Routine of 500 hours Budokon Teacher Training

The 500 hours Budokon Teacher Training had been a great experience and an intense 1 month at the Budokon Academy in Miami with Kancho Cameron Shayne. If you are wondering how on earth we managed to get 500 hours of workout within 4 weeks, keep reading…

8 am – Warm up. Be ready for running around the  Wynwood neighbourhood, 135 push-ups, a bit of calisthenics, followed by animal locomotion and then shadow-box our way back to the academy. Yes, people stared at us…

10 am – Breakfast.

11:30 am – Mind Science session. We all gathered in the dojo in a circle and we talked about mind twisting topics: beliefs, religion, nutrition, existence, relationship and so on. The sessions challenged our brains to go against the status quo that we’ve got used to due to social pressure – most of the time even without realising it. I will write more on the mind science topics in my future posts as they are super insightful and thought provoking.

3 pm – Lunch.

4 pm – Yoga. We deep dived into the primary series, breaking it down to smaller and smaller chunks. We practiced cueing and often, we had hot seats to get someone in the centre of the dojo and correct their flaws.

6 pm – Mobility. This was completely new to me. We all got down on the floor

Grappling (Photo Credit: Susy Castillo)
Grappling (Photo Credit: Susy Castillo)

and moved in whatever way we wanted. It could be rolling on the ground, shoulder rolls, various transitions from squat, a bit of capoeira, animal movements, etc. A great way to unleash our creativity.

7 pm – Striking. It always started with tabata training, which technically is the same as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), followed by kick boxing sessions. It was one of my favourites as I realised that all the things that I learned in martial arts when I was a kid got back to me very quickly.

8 pm – Grappling. We learnt and practiced grappling techniquesThis was followed by pairing up with someone and actually grapple. Just what we needed to end the day – physically intensive session and a true test of our stamina.

10 pm – Dinner

You could read a bit more details of my week by week journey in my weekly diary and my journey in discovering Budokon here.

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