Project ‘no more bruises’, aka how to build a dance floor

It’s true that your skin gets used to certain amount of pressure when you do enough shoulder rolls. Or perhaps with time, you simply know the technique better and you stop rolling over your bones ;). But as we are set to make Flow Village a place for movement exploration, most of our students do their first shoulder rolls in our space. The beautiful wooden floor we have is simply a little too much unforgiving in that respect.

So we decided to launch ‘no more bruises’ projects, or as our students like to call it ‘no more pain’, ‘no pain, just gain’. We are building a dance floor. Abi has been carefully studying all our options and we finally identified all necessary ingredients and executing the project this weekend. Aaaah! – scary as it is, we go for it. 🙂

Pool Noodles

Step 1: Get loads of pool noodles. You should see the look on peoples faces when we marched through the middle of the town with 40 pool noodles with us. Priceless.

Step 2: Get the awesome dance floor, you can slide on and yet have enough grip at the same time.

Step 3: Cut all pool noodles into equal 4cm cylinders and don’t cut your fingers while doing so. This has actually been so enjoyable that I was considering changing my profession. 🙂

Step 4: Bring your dad over, aka the expert.

Step 5: Get 55 wooden plates from friendly Bauhaus.

Step 6: Glue all the pool noodle cylinders to the wooden plates.

Step 7: Turn those plates around and create the bottom layer of the floor.

Step 8: Create the second layer of the floor.

Step 9: Roll the dance carpet.

Step 10: Tape it together…


My Next Experiment – 7 Days Fruitarian Diet


I have been pondering upon trying fruitarian diet for sometime since I finished my 7 Days Water Fasting adventure a few moths back. However, I barely got a straight 7 days without anything getting into the way - barbecue parties, wedding parties, etc. Yes, even after being as unsocial as I am, I do get invited times to social events. But finally I did manage to get these uneventful 7 days, starting today :).

What the heck is Fruitarian diet?

Before I start ranting on my success story, I want to shed some light on the diet itself. Now, this a very controversial topic and I did not manage to find a good universal definition of the term. Often, followers of this diet come up with their own version of it. From what the name suggests, it appears to be a purely fruit-based diet - apples, oranges, mangoes, bananas, pineapples, etc. But what about cucumber, tomatoes or avocado? We generally treat them as vegetables. So I did some further digging and here's how fruit is defined:

A fruit is a seed-bearing structure that develops from the ovary of a flowering plant.

Based on the above definition, it appears that cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados could be considered as fruits as well. This is a good thing as following a strictly fruitarian diet is likely to have some negative impact on protein and good fat needed by the body. Avocados are rich in healthy fat. For proteins, I decided to resort to nuts (almond, cashew, etc) and seeds (sunflower seeds, chia, pumpkin seeds, etc). In most cases, nuts are fruits with a hard outer shell while seeds are edible miniature plants enclosed within a seed coat. Technically, most nuts are also seeds, but all seeds are not nuts.

I probably managed to confuse with all that information above, but this kind of clarified things a bit for me to build the database of food that I could consume over the next 7 days.

7 Days Water Fasting Diary

Retreat Brunch

Just another of my whims :)! Fasting has always fascinated me. I practiced intermittent fasting for a very long time and am well familiar with the benefits of it. However, I wasn’t quite convinced of what good longer fasting could do to you. Last week, I came across a Facebook post in a popular community, where someone asked exactly the same question. The post received numerous responses, mostly from people like me, who thought it’s a ridiculous idea. But the thought somehow stuck with me. I did some internet searches and got curious of what impact this might have on the body. And what better way to find that out than test it on your own body :D. It will be more interesting as I am a movement teacher. As such, I need to continue my workouts and teach 4 classes a day. My hypothesis is this should be a good thing. The constant workouts will make sure that I do not lose muscle mass and most of the nutrition would be taken from the stored fat. Additionally, doing exercises tend to kill my hunger. So, I decided to start my fast after my dinner on 3rd Feb. I also wanted to write this blog to keep account of what I feel as the days go by. So here you go. I will keep updating this blog. Continue reading “7 Days Water Fasting Diary”

Is Free Diving really as crazy as it sounds?


I got introduced to Scuba diving about 8 years back in a small island called Havelock in the Andaman Sea. I was fascinated with the underwater world and got hooked straight away. Over the next year, I got my certification for Open Water and Advanced Open Water. I was also considering trying out Tech diving in order to be able to dive deeper. Right when I was pondering upon my options, I came across freediving while browsing through Instagram. I learnt that free diving is all about revisiting our mammalian reflexes and controlling your mind – go into a super relaxed, meditative mode to reduce oxygen consumption. I was fascinated. Needless to say, I tried to hold my breath while lying down on my bed with a stop watch in my hand – I barely made it to 40 seconds. Continue reading “Is Free Diving really as crazy as it sounds?”

Roughest Bounds

Roughest Bounds

Before I get into any trouble, I want to make sure that everyone reading this blog understands that the amazing photo has been taken by Olivia Acland for BBC. 

Now that the legal issue is out of the way, let me talk about Roughest Bounds. What! Don’t know what it is? How come! I bet they don’t have a website and hence Google did’t find them yet. Today I bumped into an article in BBC about Roughest Bounds. Continue reading “Roughest Bounds”

Discovering Budokon

BDK Skandasana

Before discovering Budokon, I was a typical “yoga not for men” kind of a guy for a really long time, doing a desk type of job for even longer. I always felt that something isn’t quite right, but I really did not know what else I could do better? I have trained myself for 30+ years of my life to do the job that I do. It’s a scary thought to explore an unknown terrain. But you know what – if I don’t try, I would keep on wondering forever.  Continue reading “Discovering Budokon”